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Luminaires eCatalog

Philips has consolidated our luminaire product portfolio to offer a simplified, best in class line with easier and more intuitive access to the full range. This Philips eCatalog will assist you in quickly identifying the ideal replacement product, or to freely search for best product to meet your needs.

Philips a consolidé notre portfolio de luminaires de manière à ce que nous puissions offrir une gamme simplifiée de produits parmi les meilleurs de leur catégorie tout en permettant un accès plus facile et intuitif à l'ensemble. Ce catalogue électronique de Philips est doté d'une application qui vous permettra de sélectionner rapidement le produit de remplacement idéal. Vous pouvez également y chercher librement le meilleur produit qui répondra à vos besoins.

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PureForm LED G2 Wildlife Friendly P26-FWC

Creativity and continuity can coexist

  • Gardco

Product Family Information

Gardco PureForm LED area medium P26 luminaire features narrow spectrum amber LEDs combined with special shielding, making it a wildlife friendly lighting solution. Multiple distribution and shielding options are available to achieve maximum control. A full range of control options provides additional energy savings.

  • Wildlife Friendly lighting with narrow spectrum LEDs

  • Sleek, low profile design blends in with architecture.

  • Both comfort optics and precision optics available, suitable for a range of mounting heights and lumen output.

  • Seamless integration with the latest controls solutions makes management easy, further enhancing value.

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  • Narrow spectrum amber LEDs (>590nm)

  • Standard arm, wall bracket, adjustable slifitter, and retrofit arm mount available

  • Precision optics designed for optimal spacing and performance

  • Type 2, 3, 4, 5, 5W optical distributions

  • A full range of control options provide additional energy savings


  • Education

  • Municipal Buildings

  • Parks And Plazas

  • Walkways

  • Office

  • Hospitality

Product Family Details

Not all product variations are shown below. Refer to specification sheet for further details

  • Source

    • LED
  • Voltage(s)

    • 120
    • 208
    • 240
    • 277
    • 347
    • 480
  • Lumens

    • 1100
    • 1200
    • 1300
    • 1400
    • 1500
    • 1600
    • 1700
    • 1900
    • 2000
    • 2700
    • 2800
    • 2900
    • 3200
    • 3300
    • 3400
    • 3600
    • 3700
    • 3800
    • 3900
    • 4200
    • 4300
    • 4400
    • 4500
    • 4900
    • 5000
    • 5200
  • Input watts

    • 116
    • 36
    • 55
    • 62
    • 88
    • 94
  • Colour Temperature

    • N/A
  • CRI

    • N/A
  • Distribution Type

    • Type II
    • Type III
    • Type IV
    • Type V
  • Mounting type(s)

    • Pole Arm
    • Wall
    • Wall



CalcZone Indoor is a zonal cavity (lumen method) calulation tool designed to quickly estimate the light level (illuminance), number of luminaires, and lighting layout, for a simple room or building.

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TCO Calculator

This Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) tool can help provide valuable understanding to whether a proposed system will payback over another. Find out the payback period, add in the incentive value and find out the savings.

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